Successful faith-based films just in time for religious holidays

With Passover and Holy Week in a few days, there’s several faith-based flicks hitting theaters this month. The recent influx in faith-based movies, many Christian, are becoming more and more popular.

As we’re entering the most religious time of the year for many, there’s been an influx of faith-based movies at the box office. Texas Tech’s pop culture librarian and professor Robert Weiner said people are looking for something beyond themselves.

“These movies, no pun intended, are inspirational. That aspect of spirituality is very important, because I think it gives people hope,” said Weiner. “We’ve got Easter Sunday, we’ve got Passover coming up and I think we’re tired of a lot of the negative movies that are out there.

I Can Only Imagine’ was a surprise hit at the box office, originally projected to bring up to $4 million in ticket sales, but pulled in more than $17 million, selling out across the nation. It came in third after Black Panther and Tomb Raider.

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