POLL: March for Our Lives Rally scheduled for tomorrow

The children that have been at the forefront of the gun control debate since the shooting at a Florida High School will be in the spotlight tomorrow in Washington with the ‘March for Our Lives’ rally. It’s expected to attract 500,000 people to the nation’s capital.

“People need to be constantly reminded of this because they can and they will forget,” David Hogg told ABC News.

There are rallies planned tomorrow right here in Houston, including one organized by Marcel McClinton, a student at Stratford High School.

“We will rally in Tranquility Park first at 9am, and then march down to Ted Cruz’ office, hold a protest, and then make an announcement about how the Houston Student Directors will move forward after the march to make sure this does not die out,” McClinton explained.

Between 10 and 20 thousand are expected at the Houston rally. We've told you how the left has been using these kids as a way to advance their gun control agenda. But does McClinton feel like he is being used?

“I don’t see the left using myself or anyone in this movement that I have met to advance gun control laws. I have stuck very closely and strictly to my political beliefs,” McClinton, who describes himself as a Republican, said, adding that if the politicians won't do anything about the gun issue the kids will take it into their own hands.

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