Trump wants ‘Phase Two’ of tax reform

President Donald Trump may have surprised a lot of you this week when he mentioned ‘Phase Two’ of tax cuts. But while you may have been surprised, the lawmakers behind tax reform that was just signed into law this past December were not.

In fact, it's something Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady told KTRH he's talked to the President about it personally.

“The President and I have been talking about this for quite a while. I was in the Oval Office with him just a couple of weeks ago talking to him about this issue,” Brady explained.

Scott Greenberg with the Tax Foundation says the tax code could still use reform despite what was signed into law.

“It’s still inefficient and contains lots of special preferences for different groups of people. More reform of the code is needed,” Greenberg said.

And Brady says if it gets done, there will be a big benefit to you.

“We think we can do even more. We think the family tax cuts, which today are long term, ought to be made permanent,” Brady stated, adding that he thinks Congress can also do more to help businesses have secure pensions, too.

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