Networks Ignore 'No Collusion' Report from House Committee

The House Intelligence Committee this week found no collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, but you wouldn't know about it if you watch the network evening news.

During their Monday evening broadcasts Monday, NewsBusters reports the networks spent less than one minute total on the committee's findings.

“NBC offered no coverage, CBS offered 31 seconds and ABC offered 27 seconds,” says Scott Whitlock at the Media Research Center.

Whitlock says the network anchors and reporters dismissed the conclusion as partisan Republicans, adding that Democrats on the committee will offer their own findings.

“When Adam Schiff and the Democrats go after Trump or imply all these sorts of unproved things about him and Russia, it's not filtered through the same lense,” he says.

Whitlock says NBC was the biggest culprit, ignoring the story to instead focus on a Powerball winner and Warren Buffett's March Madness bracket challenge.

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