Dog dies on United flight from Houston to New York

A major airline is taking a lot of heat for what happened on a Monday flight from Houston to New York City.

It's something that has shocked a lot of people. A flight attendant ordered a ten month old French bulldog which was in his carrier to be placed in an overhead bin. Kokito was dead when the flight landed in New York.

“The flight attendant came and she said you can’t put the dog there because he will block the path and you have to put him where the baggage goes,” Sophia Ceballos, Kokito’s 11-year old owner, said.

What happened is not sitting well with airline passengers, who talked to our TV Partner Channel 2.

“I’d be livid. You just killed my dog. It’s supposed to be out where it has air and there’s no air up there,” one passenger said.

Another said, “I think it’s pretty obvious that that is just terrible.”

And the worst thing was the dog was apparently crying for help during the flight.

“He barked in the middle of the flight. There was a lot of turbulence, and we couldn’t get up,” Ceballos said.

United says it takes full responsibility for what happened, and says it is investigating, calling it a "tragic accident."

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