Republicans, Trump still don’t see eye to eye

Despite his success with the economy, Republicans still can’t seem to stand united behind President Donald Trump.

That is especially true when it comes to tariffs on aluminum and steel. Republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan disagree with the President. Political analyst Jim McGrath tells KTRH he thinks at some point Ryan and the President will come to some kind of agreement.

“It’s still a process going forward. At the end of the day I am sure the Speaker and the President will wind up being close to one another,” McGrath stated.

And McGrath adds that despite how the mainstream media portrays it, they aren't singing 'Kumbaya' on the Democratic side of the aisle either.

“The Democrats have their own troubles. But the fact of the matter is when you have the White House you should be able to speak better with one policy voice,” McGrath explained.

While Republicans like Ryan disagree with Trump a new poll shows that more than 80% of Americans support the president on his trade economic nationalism.

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