Hill Country Tubing Outfitters Ready for Spring Break

Lots of Texans will be tubing the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers this spring break.  Several tubing outfitters in New Braunfels plan to open this weekend. 

“The RV park is full, but we still have a couple of cabins left,” says John Guenzel, co-owner of Rio Guadalupe Resort.  “Saturday is supposed to be 88 degrees here, so we're looking for tubers and kayakers.”

Shane Wolf with Rockin' R River Rides says there's plenty of reason to party over the next week.

“The flows are here, the water is cool and we have some sunny skies ahead of us,” he says.  “I think everybody's itching just to get outdoors.”

Local officials have tried cracking down on alcohol -- or at least what type of container you can have and where it is allowed.

“The can ban did not affect this section of the Gaudalupe River and still won't,” says Guenzel.  “Be careful with your trash and act responsibly, that's the same old rules as always.”

Spring breakers headed to the Hill Country can find updated rules online at www.tubeinnewbraunfels.com.

“You can absolutely bring alcohol,” says Wolf.  “We're a German town, we'll never do away with that.  Bring anything you want to eat and drink.”

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