Wall Street may not like what the Fed is up to

The Fed is hinting it may raise interest rates four times this year. Experts say that would spook investors, who are expecting three rate hikes.

America's Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman says the Fed is trying to head off inflation, but Wall Street won't like it.

"If the Fed raises rates four times in 2018 that would definitely be a negative for the stock market."

Goodman says he's putting his money into real estate.

"I'm doing what are called secured real estate funds because that's a way of earning an 8% yield but having no market volatility; if rates go up or down it doesn't affect you at all."

Goodman says you can check that out at securedrealestatefunds.com.

Goodman says the Fed Chairman is using new language.

"Fed Chairman Powell for the first time ever -- from a Fed Chairman -- used the word 'overheat;' he's worried the economy may overheat, so if they're worried about that they're going to raise rates more than three times this year."

Investors have been expecting three rate hikes with the first coming this month.

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