Do Fame and Fortune await You on YouTube?

Statistically speaking, you have a better chance of becoming rich and famous in Hollywood or on a ballfield than you do on YouTube. However some YouTubers do get rich. Your or your kids' mileage may vary.

Kristy Gillentine at Houston's Drive West Communications says Hollywood competes with Hollywood; YouTubers compete with the entire world.

"Far fewer people are probably actually moving to Hollywood to become movie stars than are starting YouTube channels."

A German study found even YouTubers who get a million views a month struggle to pay their rent.

But Gillentine says YouTube is a great opportunity, whether you get rich or not.

"From the comfort of our homes, our bedrooms -- wherever we may be with our phones we're able to connect with the world."

Gillentine points out, without YouTube; we might not have some stars like Justin Bieber, who reportedly got his start with YouTube videos.

"For people who live in rural areas or people who may not have the same financial opportunities to get their talent and their voice out there on a large stage, the Internet opens doors."

Forbes says the top paid YouTube star is a British Minecraft player who made $16.5 million last year. An elementary school student who reviews toys made $11-million.

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