VIDEO: Trump speech hits home run with Texans

The President’s first State of the Union address is in the books, and it’s a big hit with many Texans.

Among those singing the President's praises after the speech was Senator John Cornyn, who liked Trump's attempt to reach across the aisle.

“I support his call for greater bipartisanship in pursuing priorities that increase opportunity and strengthen the foundation of America,” Cornyn said.

Despite that effort, Democrats sat and didn't applaud last night, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Harris County GOP Chair Paul Simpson.

“They acted like petulant children,” Simpson said. “They don’t care about the average American.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz agreed with that sentiment.

“It was stunning to watch Washington Democrats sit there stone faced and refuse to applaud, more jobs and higher wages,” Cruz told reporters after the speech.

Political analyst Jacquie Baly says how the Democrats acted during the speech should tell you a lot about the state of affairs in Washington.

“They were just so defiant. Even things that our entire country should be embracing, including their party, they refuse to acknowledge that,” Baly said.

One thing the President did was get specific on his plans for this year, something Rice political scientist Mark Jones wanted to see.

“One is an immigration reform. The other was an infrastructure bill,” Jones stated.

That said not every Texas Republican was thrilled with what they heard from the President when it came to immigration.

“I agreed with most of his immigration stance. But I just had a problem with some of the information about amnesty. That was my only problem with the speech,” RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong told KTRH News after the speech.

But Texas Democrats were not happy with what they didn't hear.

“But perhaps most disturbing is what the President left unsaid: Russia’s 2016 interference in our election; the #MeToo movement which highlights a disturbing wave of sexual violence in Congress and elsewhere; the dangerous pace of climate change and its effect on our national security; and the need to sensibly address gun violence despite 11 school shootings around the country this year alone,” Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro said in a statement.

There were many special guests in the audience for last night’s speech, but none had a bigger tie to Houston than our own Mattress Mack, who has been a rock for the community long before Hurricane Harvey hit, and has done a lot to help Houstonians deal with the aftermath of the storm. Mack was a guest of Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady.

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