Parents of Buillied Children Turning to Virtual Charters

A recent survey found many students enrolled in virtual charter schools were removed from public schools by their parents due to bullying or problems with administrators.

Virtual charters allow students to complete online-based curriculum.  They also offer a safe haven away from bullies. 

But not everyone believe that's best for the child.

“A lot of parents are so concerned about their kids being unhappy, they don't take the long-term approach of what will this do to help them prepare for adulthood,” says best-selling parenting author Harry H. Harrison Jr.

Harrison says children need to learn socializations skills, also how to deal with bullying and move on.

“'Grit' is what we have to develop as a nation and if parents are denying their children the opportunity to suffer they won't be able to function in the adult world, they won't be able to try harder,” he says.

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