Houston Dominates Sports Headlines of 2017

Even without the Astros' World Series victory, there was no shortage of sports stories in Houston this year.  The city started the year by hosting Super Bowl LI, arguably one of the best played and best planned Super Bowl events to date.

“When you start talking sporting events, not just the actual game, but Houston hosting the Super Bowl and the way the game played out, you couldn't ask for any better,” says N.D. Kalu, SportsTalk 790 radio host and retired NFL veteran.

While the Texans may have had a disappointing year, Kalu says superstar J.J. Watt's $37 million fundraising effort for flood victims of Tropical Storm Harvey will never be forgotten.

“So many other athletes put it out there like hey we're trying to raise money for relief, so he wasn't the only one,” he says.  “But because of his popularity, because of the number of followers he has, because of the way he carries himself off the field, so many people donated.”

Let's not forget about the Rockets getting a new owner in billionaire restaurateur Tilman Fertitta.  The team is off to a 25-8 start.

“You don't want to take anything away from the previous ownership, but you do ge the sense of hey what's going to happen next?  What's going to happen with Tilman Fertitta?”

“The thought of what he's going to do is pretty exciting, and you just know he's going to do something different.”

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