Gun Experts say the Government is grandstanding on Bump Stocks

In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre the Department of Justice is investigating bump stocks. But gun experts say it looks like political grandstanding; trying to convince us the government is "doing something" about the Vegas shooting.

Emily Taylor of U.S. Law Shield says bump stocks are not a big deal for most gun owners.

"The reason it's uncommon is that it really hinders accuracy and most shooters have no real desire or need for that."

Taylor says bump stocks were already cleared by the Obama administration.

"The ATF under the Obama administration has already investigated this issue; they found bump stocks do not create a fully automatic rifle from a semi-automatic rifle."

Taylor says it'll take legislation to ban bump stocks.

"It's a machine gun if you pull the trigger and more than one bullet comes out; now if you put a bump stock on that rifle you're still seeing one round coming out of the rifle for each trigger pull, the trigger pulls are just happening more quickly."

Whatever happens, Taylor says a ban on bump stocks would have to originate in Congress and that probably wouldn't happen soon. She says most gun owners have little interest in bump stocks, anyway.

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