Record Number of Texans, Americans to Travel for Holidays

Triple-A is projecting a record number of Americans will travel to see friends and family this holiday season.  A whopping 107 million Americans – including 8.7 million Texans – will hit the road, fly or travel by train over the upcoming holiday week. 

So it appears consumer confidence is outweighing higher gas prices this year.

“We're paying on average 15 to 20 cents more per gallon for regular than we were last year, but people feel like they have the income and money to spend that to travel and go away from home for the holidays,” says Daniel Armbruster with AAA Texas.

Armbruster says most Houstonians will get an early jump on Christmas, leaving several days ahead of time.

“Wednesday, December 20 is expected to be the worse day to travel for Houston, between 5:30p and 7:30p is expected to be the worse time to travel on that day,” he says.

“The best time to leave is typically early morning or after the morning commute because the roads should be less crowded and you'll have more time to get to your destination safely.  If your schedule permits, traveling on the holiday itself usually results in fewer people on the road.”

Gas prices are averaging $2.15 a gallon between Houston and Baton Rouge, but $2.20 in Lubbock and $2.45 in Odessa.  San Antonio has the cheapest gas at $2.06 per gallon.

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