POLL: French consider age of consent rule for kids

The country of France is considering a law where children under 16 years old would have to get permission from their parents to open up any social media account. So the question you might have is whether or not that kind of law would work here in the United States.

The answer is we already have it.

The Child Online Privacy Protection Act was passed in 1998 where children under the age of 13 needed parents’ consent. Kami Huyse with Zoetica Media says if you go on Facebook, you know it doesn't work.

“We have that in place, and we have two decades of experience with this. And I think you know that kids under the age of thirteen are on social networks,” Huyse explained.

That’s because they can go online and literally lie about their age. Huyse says COPA was more for data purposes, and that parents need to learn more about what's out there.

“Education and teaching children how to appropriately handle social media is probably the best bet for parents,” Huyse stated, adding that COPA was more to make sure companies don't use underage kids and their data.

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