How the Alabama election impacts the Trump agenda

Now that Republicans have lost a key Senate seat in Alabama, their margin for error to get legislation done is razor thin. Some think it will impact the Trump agenda down the road.

If it does, it won't impact tax reform because Doug Jones hasn't been seated yet, and the House and Senate reached a final deal on the tax reform bill.

“Not only have we passed comprehensive tax reform in our respective chambers, we’ve done it in a way that will help all Americans,” Texas Senator John Cornyn said on Capitol Hill.

U-H political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus told KTRH tax reform is one issue, but there is a tough road ahead for the President.

“The Presidents margins of victory are very low. The number of Republicans that can defect from the party is exceedingly small,” Rottinghaus explained.

And because of that he could get a bigger fight from Democrats over issues like the border wall.

“If the Democrats decide to start pushing issues because they know it will put the Republicans in a tight spot then they might have a slight advantage,” Rottinghaus said, adding that another issue Trump will have to fight through is the continued attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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