NFL Popularity Craters to Lowest in Team Sports

Football fans who got tired of national anthem protests have voted with their feet, meaning lower attendance ... and voting with their TV remotes as well, driving down ratings.

In fact, backlash from national anthem protests shows up in a new survey that ranks the NFL America’s least-favorite team sport.

It's been that way for three straight months.

The survey of 1,000 registered votes by the Winston Group finds that the NFL brand languishes at 38-percent unfavorable and just 48-percent favorable.

Conservative commentator Warner Todd Huston, reporting on the survey for Breitbart Sports, tells Newsradio 740 KTRH that it’s politics in part that is dragging down the league's brand.

Those numbers remain way down from the preseason, when they were 57 percent favorable and only 23 percent unfavorable.

The sport with strongest brand remains Major League Baseball, which consistently polls the highest positives and lowest negatives. Second most positive is college football, followed by pro and college basketball (which are tied).

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