POLL: Texas school district gives kids more recess for emotional breaks

Could your child be getting more playtime at school to help give them emotional breaks? It turns out the answer might be yes, especially if you live in North Texas.

The Little Elm ISD in North Texas is the only one in the country to implement the LiiNK program, which gives kids a 15 minute break for every hour of learning. So that could be as much as four recess breaks a day. This program was developed by Debbie Rhea at TCU.

“You see that the academics get better. The kids become happier, more stable,” Rhea explained to a Dallas television station.

Education expert Jean Burk tells KTRH this program, giving kids 'emotional breaks,' is just too much.

“The fact that you have to have emotional breaks, what does that mean? Life is hard and we have an entitled generation growing up and thinking the world owes them something,” Burk explained.

And she says it sets these kids up to expect this kind of treatment as adults, too.

“Once they get into college or their jobs, they are going to be expecting that. When they don’t get it they are going to be demanding. I think we are seeing that already,” Burk said.

None of the local school districts we contacted told KTRH they are using, or considering, this program.

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