Will California ban gas cars???

There is no way you could ever see it happening here in Texas. There is no way this state would ever ban cars using gas. But other states? That’s a different story.

A liberal lawmaker in California wants to ban gas cars by the year 2040, and plans to introduce a bill that would do just that. Texas political analyst Bill Miller says that would never happen here.

“It’s beyond the scope of imagination,” Miller stated.

KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds says non-gas cars have just never taken off around the country even with sales numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

“If you look at the total cars that have been sold this year, it’s barely one percent,” Reynolds said.

And Miller told KTRH this kind of over-regulation is why Californians want to come here to Texas.

“They come for opportunity. And it’s an easier life to achieve. The combination is irresistible,” Miller explained.

A report that came out earlier this year showed that between 2005 and 2015, reports said nearly 300 thousand Californians moved here, to escape government overreach.

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