What the new media landscape means for you

The media landscape has changed. Newspapers are no longer the main source for news. Neither is broadcast television. And where you do get your news these days has some concerned.

That's because you consume a lot of news on new media. For instance, sites like Facebook or Twitter. Media critic Jeff McCall at DePauw University says it's created a new frontier of sorts.

“The gatekeepers are really the people who are running search engines or social media sites. That’s just the way of the world. The internet has created a digital Wild West,” McCall explained.

There's an effort underway to make it better from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University called the 'Trust Project." McCall thinks it’s a good first step, but has issues with it as well.

“The Trust Project might be working too closely with some of the power brokers in the digital world that may have their own interests in mind,” McCall said.

Elsewhere in traditional media, new numbers show ABC, NBC, and CBS spent over twice as much time covering Republicans accused of sexual harassment than the Democrats facing the same allegations.

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