POLL: Congress Poised to Pass National Reciprocity for Gun Owners

Gun rights advocates are eagerly watching a national reciprocity bill finally move through Congress.  The full House will soon take up the issue of allowing gun license holders to carry their weapon from state-to-state.

“It's a deterrent to crime, it saves lives, it keeps you safe, the evidence is clear and denying people's civil rights is not the way America is supposed to operate,” says author Alan Korwin of gunlaws.com.

Democrats call it an effort to wipe away state law.

“Most human beings can't understand what the rules are, the police don't and they exercise arbitrary control,” says Korwin.  “This law will give you uniform rights across the country, the same as a driver's license or marriage license.”

 However, Korwin acknowledges there's a slight hitch in the House version which could pose a problem for law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.

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