Who knows what lurks in the Harvey Debris?

These are dangerous times in Houston; as flood water recedes, many of the debris piles contain unpleasant surprises.

Dr. Ron Gill is an animal expert at Texas A&M.

"There's a chance in particular for snakes of all types to be in those debris fields and any kind of reptiles might be hiding under debris, as well."

Dr. Gill says says there are lots of animals that bite that could be hidden, including alligators.

"I think we'll start seeing more raccoons and other animals that like to live in debris piles will start showing up."

Dr. Gill says always wear gloves and maybe leather clothing to protect yourself; or better yet, have the debris removed with some sort of machine.

"The best thing to do, if at all possible, would be to move most of it mechanically so you weren't actually reaching in and digging through the debris by hand, but I know that's not an option for everybody."

But sharp teeth aren't the only worry; the Harris County Health Department warns of mold and bacteria growing in those piles.

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