POLL: Is what happened in Houston the future of race relations?

Race relations, because of what happened in Charlottesville was a hot topic before Hurricane Harvey hit us so hard here in Houston. But it seems like the storm had a profound impact on race relation. And it could impact the future, too.

Jeremy Neill teaches at Houston Baptist University. He's spent the last two weeks helping people clean up from Harvey and tells KTRH from what he's seen, he hopes Houston and not Charlottesville provides the blueprint for how we should act.

“What I saw when I was working on houses in the last couple of weeks since Harvey is people helping each other; regardless of ethnic background or race,” Neill said.

But he's also noticed that the mainstream media is trying to fan the flames of racial tension, and they've been doing it for a very long time.

“The media because they need to make a profit and meet viewers where they are at and get market ratings, has to feature stories based on conflict,” He stated.

Neill also says that there is an appetite for these kinds of stories, but that maybe Harvey, Irma and the destruction they have caused will change the narrative.

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