Trade schools and real-life experience is better than college for some

A new Wall Street Journal study reveals college isn't worth the cost.

Gulf Coast Workforce Board/Workforce Solutions Parker Harvey said more people are starting to realize college isn't for everyone and there's other ways to earn a great living by getting real-life experience.

“I think most people are aware of the rising cost of tuition for a traditional four-year degree and I think they’re taking a critical look at those costs-the amount of debt they might take on versus their earning potential,” said Harvey.

He said many positions in the medical field, as well as plumbers, electricians and the oil and gas industry make a great salary without sitting in a classroom for four or more years.

“For the person that’s much more tactile that needs real world experience and see how that connects to what their learning things that are more towards the skill trade that don’t require a full four years, maybe something less, maybe say two, those represent some good opportunities for people,” said Harvey.

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