Trump Administration Is Killing DACA

 DACA is being rescinded by the Trump administration.  The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals-program shields roughly 800-thousand undocumented "Dreamers" who were brought into the U.S. as children.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the announcement at the Justice Department on Tuesday (September 5).  He called DACA "unilateral executive amnesty."  There will be a six-month delay in ending DACA, allowing time to craft a legislative solution.

 In a morning tweet today, President Trump said lawmakers must be prepared to, "Do your job."  

Former President Obama created DACA with an executive order in June of 2012.  Attorney General Sessions criticized Obama for bypassing Congress.  He said the U.S. is a compassionate nation but must also be a nation of laws.  Sessions insisted that DACA will be phased-out in a responsible and lawful manner.    

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