Rockport Mayor: 60% of Town Destroyed

Rockport saw 60 percent of the town either destroyed or rendered totally unusable when Hurricane Harvey made its first assault on the Texas coast, city officials say.

Rockport Mayor Charles Wax tells Fox News that 35 percent of the buildings  were destroyed by whenthe then-Category 5 hurricane that roared through just over one week ago. 

“We still don’t have any water, sanitary sewer, or electricity," Way said. "But we have a lot of food outlets that are providing food to my people during the day, and I am talking to you on a cell phone.” 

“We had Texas Task Force 1 that was sent down here by Governor (Greg)Abbott, and they were here practically before the storm left,” Wax said. “They have physically touched every structure in this county. Their report, turned into our emergency operations center, they estimate 35 percent of the community is completely destroyed."

He added: "Of the remaining 65 percent, another 30 to 35 percent of that will never be occupied again.” 

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