Military Brings in Personnel from 41 States

About 6,300 active-duty military personnel are deployed to the areas affected by Harvey. They've rescued of helped in the rescue of more than 1,200 people to date.

How did they get here?

That's the job of the National Guard Bureau, which has managed the flow of more than 11,000 Guard personnel from 41 states to help Texas.

Those efforts help to provide:

--Critical life support.

--Power generation.

--Water pumping.

--Road and debris clearing.


--Setups for distribution points for free food and water to Harvey victims. 

The bureau has also stated this weekend that it is "readying additional forces to help recovery efforts, if they are needed."

Another military organization assisting in the Harvey recovery is the Defense Logistics Agency, which is providing more than 645,000 gallons of fuel in several locations.

Also, USNORTHCOM has deployed 73 helicopters, three C-130s, and eight para-rescue teams for search and rescue and evacuation.

Then there's the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Corps is best known for its work tied to flood mitigation and reservoir operations. It has more than 150 personnel engaged and operating in coordination with county, state, and FEMA partners.

But the Corps is also supporting FEMA mission assignments for temporary power, regional activation, subject matter experts, debris removal and technical assistance, and temporary housing technical monitoring. 

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