POLL: The Appeal of a High Credit Score

I’m too sexy for my car, but my credit rating is the sexiest thing about me.

That could be the mantra of successful singles today, who say that a high credit score is about as sexy as it gets.

Discover Financial Services and Match Media Group asked 2,000 members of an online dating site what qualities make a potential partner sexy.

A high credit score was number one, and that attitude has prompted many to post an image of their score on their profile. 

“A high credit score is sexy because responsibility is sexy to most individuals.  A lot of times people come with a lot of drama to a relationship and that really is not attractive,” says relationship councilor and dating coach Nancy Pina

Sixty-nine percent of respondents to the survey said a high credit score is sexy, compared to 67% who said humor, 51% attractiveness, %50 ambition, and 42% courage.

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