Are liberal politics being taught in high schools and middle schools?

We know that college campuses are bastions of the left; that the majority of professors are liberal. But the same thing could very well be going on at the high school or middle school your children go to.

Even in Texas.

Attorney David Starnes defended the Kountze High School cheerleaders and their right to use bible verses at football games a few years back. He tells KTRH teachers have more leeway than you realize.

“Each teacher in the grade school arena is not boxed in by their political viewpoints,” Starnes said. “As long as their speech is not indecent there is nothing that compels them to hold back viewpoints that are relevant to the class.”

The Texas Education Agency told KTRH in an email that this is an issue local districts deal with. Starnes says if you're not happy with a particular teacher you can call the principal.

“They might talk to a particular teacher that is out of bounds or going further than they should be according to the course topic,” Starnes explained. “Parents complain. And they’ll call the principal and try to make an issue of it.”

 We reached out to some of our local districts. In an email Fort Bend ISD told us "the state provides curriculum standards for all public school districts," while HISD did not return multiple emails.

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