Half of Americans Either Love or Hate Trump

It's been said by many that President Donald Trump is a polarizing figure, and a new poll backs up that statement. The survey taken earlier this month by Monmouth University reveals that about a quarter of Americans will support Trump no matter what, while another quarter will oppose him no matter what.

Specifically, the survey asked whether people are supporters or non-supporters of the President, then asked supporters if there is anything he can do or not do to earn their disapproval. About 60 percent of Trump supporters replied no. Conversely, among Trump detractors 57 percent said there's nothing Trump can do to earn their approval.

The degree of loyalty by many Trump supporters is not surprising to Bill O'Sullivan with the Texas Patriots PAC, who tells KTRH he saw it from the beginning of the campaign. "It was the crowds...he had these huge crowds everywhere he went, so he touched a nerve," says O'Sullivan. "Now, they see him doing things which are realizing their promises, and that's why they're sticking with him."

The Trump detractors are just as passionate in opposing the President, and have been since he took office. O'Sullivan expects that will continue. "Because (Trump) is doing things that are taking (the system) apart, he has a big target on his back from the media and the Washington establishment," he says.

 The survey shows Trump's overall approval rating at 41 percent. O'Sullivan believes the President's polarizing numbers are a reflection of his style, which cuts both ways with the public. "It's his willingness to speak without worrying about political correctness," says O'Sullivan. "It's his directness."

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