Black Lives Matter protest at Sam Houston Park on Saturday

Black Lives Matter will hold a protest at the ‘Spirit of the Confederacy’ statue in Sam Houston Park tomorrow.

Its Facebook page says 200 people will be there, and the protest is being called 'Destroy the Confederacy.' Counter protestors are expected. HPD Chief Art Acevedo told KTRH the cops will be ready.

“We’ll be prepared to keep people separated and take immediate actions should anyone try to break the law,” Acevedo said.

Protest Organizer Ashton P. Woods with Black Lives Matter told KTRH he won't stand for any violence.

“You’ve never seen us damage property. You’ve never seen us do anything except exercise our right to free speech. I won’t condone it,” Woods stated.

Acevedo isn't worried about Houstonians causing trouble, but he is about outsiders.

“The thing that always worries me is outsiders coming into Houston and trying to agitate and engage in direct action, which usually means violence. I can tell you the Houston Police Department will always be over prepared,” Acevedo explained.

 While the group “This Is Texas Freedom Force” will not be there officially to counter the Black Lives Matter side, group leaders have called for other members to attend. They did not comment to KTRH for this story.

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