Trump legacy may not be bombast; it may be his stamp on judiciary

While the mainstream media continues to hammer President Donald Trump over his comments about last weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia, he is quietly putting his stamp on the judicial system.

The President is making lifetime appointments to fill more than 100 vacancies on federal courts across the country. Ilya Shapiro with the Cato Institute tells KTRH he's having more success than you're hearing about from the mainstream media.

“There have been more confirmations than under Obama and Bush. It doesn’t get the attention of his Twitter stuff, but he has been effective,” Shapiro said.

And this also isn't something that the left can't really stop. In the end, Shapiro says this more than anything else could be the Trump legacy.

“This is a place where any President has the longest lasting effect, at least in the domestic sphere; tax reforms can be reversed and regulations can be rescinded,” Shapiro explained.

 But again, these appointments are for life. And since former Senator Harry Reid got rid of the filibuster for lower court nominees, a big weapon Democrats could have used to stop these appointments is off the table.

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