It's a brave new World for Football Players

Technology has made it a different world for all of us, especially ballplayers. The NFL is launching a department to help players avoid trouble with social media accounts.

Sportstalk 790's Greg Koch is a member of the Packers' hall of fame.

"I'm just glad we didn't have social media when I was playing."

Koch likes the idea.

"Any time a player gets counseling on how to manage his money, why you shouldn't be out after two in the morning -- because nothing good can happen -- I mean, some players actually need that, so, yeah, any help they can get from the NFL that can help them maintain a better image."

Koch says most players need an aggressive personality to succeed in the NFL, but that can hurt them on Twitter and Facebook.

"You know, you have freedom of speech and I think players should be able to say whatever they want to an extent; I mean if it hurts the team, if it's distracting to the team, if all the attention now comes on you and they're asking other players about something you said, that's never good for an organization."

Reportedly, the NFL's Coordinator of Player Social Media Initiatives will monitor and evaluate content to help players understand what is and is not working.

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