Corporations trying to be the judges of morality

With multiple CEO’s resigning, President Trump was forced to disband a pair of White House business councils this week. It seems that the nation’s CEO’s are trying to become the new judges of what is and is not moral.

A growing number of people are wondering who made these businesses the judges of morality. Political analyst Chris Begala tells KTRH he thinks these CEO's have gotten out of their lanes, so to speak.

“I don’t know who appointed these CEO’s as the arbiters of morality. I sense it is a small group of people these CEO’s are talking to,” Begala said.

And he says these companies may not be doing the smart thing when it's all said and done.

Begala said, “They do it at their own peril. If your goal is to sell Under Armour shoes, shorts and shirts, well in Texas we say ‘Stick to your knitting.’”

 Because by doing what they are doing, and while they are satisfying some of their customers, they may very well be alienating many others.

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