POLL: Convention of States to kick off next month

There are a growing number of people who think changing the Constitution is the only way to fix a broken Washington. That effort is getting underway soon.

There will be a convention in next month that organizers say will be the first convention of states since the Civil War. David Guldenschuh of the Heartland Institute will attend and tells KTRH this is what Donald Trump meant when he campaigned last year.

“He talked about his desire to return the power to the people, states, and reduce the size and reach of the federal government,” Guldenschuh said.

Josh Blackman with South Texas College of Law Houston says this is an interesting first step, but changing the Constitution isn't as simple as that.

“I’m not confident the courts would get the message. It’s how judges go on to interpret changes that are made to the Constitution, too.

Son in other words, you can make changes, but if the Supreme Court interprets things differently we might wind up exactly where we are now; with a broken Washington.

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