Military Enduring Drain of Battle-Hardened Talent

In a world where we need our soldiers and servicepeople, the U.S. is enduring a talent drain, top brass from all of the armed forces are telling Congress.

Battle-hardened marines, seasoned pilots and other talent are leaving the military by the thousands, according to recent military testimony before a congressional committee.

Also, new statistics revealed by The Military Times don't bode well for the U.S. at a time when the armed forces need their sharpest and toughest to wage the war on terror.

The number of Marines on active duty who have combat action ribbons is less than half what it was six years ago, according to a review of records by the newspaper. At the same time, aviators and flight staff are leaving for the private sector.

The main challenges are said to include the higher pay dangled by security and consulting firms ... and poaching by commercial airlines of well-trained, experienced pilots.

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