Houston girl recovering after violence in Virginia

A Houston girl that graduated from Bellaire High School was one of the 19 people injured over the weekend during the violence in Charlottesville.

That Houstonian is Natalie Romero, who is recovering in the hospital after suffering a fractured skull. Her mother, Ericka Chaves, told out TV partner Channel 2 this was completely in her daughter's character.

“We should not be dealing with these kind of actions anymore. She wanted to be there. I just told her to be careful,” Chaves said.

Romero's college advisor is Naureen Ali, who says she can't believe that this sort of thing could still happen in the U.S.

“I think it’s unreal that these kinds of things occur in the United States of America,” Ali stated.

Hundreds of Houstonians came out to support those that were injured last night with a rally by City Hall. One woman brought her young daughter to the rally.

"It was pretty heartbreaking but I'm here now trying to give what I can to show that I'm here and supportive," Kristin Kotinea said.

Several speakers spoke about denouncing hate and Chaves spoke to the crowd.

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