Will Men Become the New Fashionista’s?

Girls start playing with makeup when they are young.  Perhaps the boys will be joining in.

The head of L’Oréal, managing director Vismay Sharma, predicts department stores will be boasting makeup counters for men within the next five to seven years.  Lily Yanez is a Houston makeup artist and owns a business called Houston Make-up Inc in the Montrose.  She says she has done makeup on for men, most often when they are getting ready to go before a camera.  “If they have a lot of redness on their skin, they do want to modify that,” she tells KTRH News.  She says what she is seeing a lot of in her practice is laser hair removal for men.  They want to look like soccer stars, she suggests. “A lot of them are doing the beard, the chest, the back hair, the front hair.”

Makeup will be a new twist, but completely in line with a society absorbed by social media. “They’re saying there is an increase in plastic surgery by men, and I think because of social media men are becoming more conscientious of the way they look,” Yanez adds.

L’Oréal calls it the “selfie generation.”

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