Fewer on Food Stamps means more Jobs

There's good news about food stamps: fewer Americans are using them. More than a million Americans are off the food stamp rolls since President Trump took office.

Political insider Chris Begala says President Trump is doing a better job than his predecessor.

"President Obama had 11-million more Americans on food stamps -- that was a 32% jump; that is staggering."

Begala says less food stamps means more jobs.

"The bigger picture is it's jobs, jobs, jobs. We've created more jobs under President Trump than expected and that's a great thing."

Begala says getting Americans back to work is job one.

"There seems to be indication that more Americans are getting back to work and this will continue; that's hopeful. Less Americans on food stamps and more Americans working -- that's the best news for this economy."

However, there are still way too many Americans on food stamps; 41.5-million as of May. Hopefully, the food stamp savings can be put to good use, like repairing our crumbling roads and bridges.

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