Reports: High School football participation dropping (but not in Texas)

If you believe the reports, participation in high school football is dropping across the country because of safety concerns. That is, if you believe the reports.

Sure, it might be happening in California, where the rate has dropped 10% over the last decade, but this is Texas, and here it’s a different story.

“That’s one of the many great things about the state of Texas. We love our high school football. I don’t think we will be affected in any way,” Jason Glenn, coach at Klein Oak and a former player for Texas A&M told KTRH News.

Katy's Gary Joseph agrees with Glenn.

“A lot of this is warranted. Some of it is scare tactics. I haven’t seen a decline in the number of kids that want to play,” Joseph stated.

Dr. Brandon Brock with Cerebrum Health Centers says that there have been advancements made in equipment in recent years that has helped.

“The equipment is getting better. I don’t know how much it helps, but I don’t think that everyone that gets hit is going to get CTE,” Brock explained.

But he also says the new advances may give kids a false sense of security that their heads are fully protected.

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