Dem polling shows party in bigger trouble than they realize

Despite mainstream media rhetoric, it appears as if the Democrats aren’t poised to win big next year in the midterms.

The new polling was done by a political action committee associated with Nancy Pelosi and shows many white working Americans approve of President Trump, and that Democrats trail initial Congressional balloting among that same class by 10 points. Don Hooper of Big Jolly Politics says the middle class feels left behind.

“It’s the party of the very wealthy and very poor. There’s no middle class in the Democratic Party,” Hooper stated.

But Democratic Strategist Mustafa Tameez says he thinks this is the result of what conservative media has been trying to hammer home.

“There is a messaging that’s been driven by the other side. Over time, when you repeat it often enough, the public begins to repeat that messaging,” Tameez explained.

Elsewhere, a survey from the Pew Research Center shows 61% of you think the Democratic Party has gone too far in believing government solves everything.

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