Trump Critic: Not Enough Fewer Refugees are Coming

The U.S. continues to see a sharp drop in refugee arrivals even after the federal courts reversed President Donald Trump's restrictions on who qualifies to enter the country based on family, educationr or work.

Nearly 50,400 refugees so far have arrived in the U.S. this fiscal year, including 148 in the week since the court ruling. But William Gheen with the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC argues that still isn't good enough.

“It may sound good that fewer refugees might want to come here, but the bottom line is that President Trump appears to support an immigration plan similar to what President Barack Obama did that would eventually destroy the United States of America and permanently submerge the people who elected him,” says Gheen.

“We're in a really bad situation here where we've been lied to, we've been betrayed and a lot of the things we were promised during the campaign are just not happening, in fact, the opposite is happening.”

The numbers show that 42 percent of refugees under Trump are Muslim, compared to 44 percent of the nearly 85,000 refugees during Obama's final fiscal year in office.

“Trump has backed off on stopping the dangerous Australian-Muslim refugees, he's backed off on ending DACA on his first day in office and he's backed off on his opposition to amnesty and now supports comprehensive immigration reform amnesty,” says Gheen.

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