Fake News pushes political polls

Everywhere you turn these days you hear about polls. And the mainstream media buys into every single one of them. And they seem to talk about them endlessly.

The problem is you have to look deeply at these polls in order to see what really is going on. Some of them are put out there by think tanks with a specific political leaning. The sample sizes are small. They bury results that don’t fit their agenda. Robin Armstrong, the RNC Committeeman from Galveston, tells KTRH you have to read the fine print.

“These are polls that they’ve conducted and paid for. Polls by all of these liberal outlets have an agenda. They aren’t trying to report news. They are trying to report their own agenda,” Armstrong explained.

But Armstrong says there's one poll he does trust, and it's not really a poll.

“It’s donations. Our online donations since Trump has been President have gone through the roof,” Armstrong said.

That said, there is one poll the President should like. A new poll from Bloomberg says Trump's favorability rating is at 41%. That's better than Hillary Clinton's favorable number of 39%.

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