Investors don’t get shaken by ‘Fake News’

With all the fake news stories that are out there, it appears as if investors aren’t reacting as wildly to them as the mainstream media does.

In fact the stock market keeps setting new records under President Trump. The Dow just set a new record on Friday. The S%P 500 also set a new record on Friday. Certified financial planner Richard Rosso tells KTRH investors are looking at the big picture, not fake news.

“Investors are looking at what the President will possibly get done; that is tax reform and cuts to regulations. These are all things investors want,” Rosso explained.

But there is a lot of fake news out there. And even some mainstream media figures like CNN's Alysin Camerota think it's getting to be too much, especially when it comes to Russia.

““I hear your Russia fatigue and I share it. You know, there are many mornings I come in and pray for other news to eclipse any sort of Russia thread,” Camerota told New York Radio station WABC.

Camerota says for her, it’s a question she wrestles with daily.

“Rarely a day goes by where there isn’t some sort of new Russian threat. I wrestle with whether or not we should mention those, cover them, analyze them or ignore them,” Camerota explained.

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