Republicans release new version of healthcare bill

After the first attempt by Republican Senators to come up with a new healthcare law failed, the GOP has released a second, revised proposal.

Among the changes is a provision based on an idea from Texas Senator Ted Cruz allowing insurers to offer lower-cost, bare-bones policies.

“We’ve made very significant progress; expanding choices, expanding options, expanding competition and reducing premiums,” Cruz said.

KTRH Medical Expert Dr. Joe Galati of Houston Methodist Hospital says he just wants to make sure the bill doesn't leave his patients feeling stuck.

“I hope it does not send them to the poor house and includes as many people as possible. Really it comes down to access. We want people to have access to care.

And he says he hopes this works because his patients are frustrated.

“If they are not the CEO of a company they feel like they are stuck in the middle with this,” Galati explained, adding that some doctors are so fed up with Obamacare they have left the profession.

Cruz was one of the Republicans that did not support the first proposal from Majority leader Mitch McConnell. The full Senate will take up the bill next week, but rather than have it scored by the Congressional Budget Office the GOP could use analysis from the Department of Health and Human Services.

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