Are Republican voters getting upset over health care?

The GOP lawmakers in the Senate are set to unveil a revised healthcare bill that could be voted on next week.

But, there are still concerns a new version won't get enough support and that is making Republican voters angry. Robert Gonzalez of the Clear Lake Tea Party tells KTRH if nothing is done this will impact lawmakers at the polls next year.

“I believe that if you have a strong opponent in the primaries you could get primaried out,” Gonzalez said, adding that another thing we could see happen in the midterms next year is Republican voters simply staying home.

Democratic Strategist Mustafa Tameez says the big problem is the GOP simply doesn't know how to govern.

“When you lead you have to balance so many different constituents and Republicans are having a hard time in leading our country right now,” Tameez stated.

Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress. But some, line analyst Ann Coulter, say Republican obstructionism is the problem; that they are 'slow-walking' the Trump agenda.

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