There's good News and bad News about Houston Salaries

On one hand, Houston beats the national average for pay, but Houston trails in pay raises.

Glassdoor chief economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain says Houston is a good place to work.

"Houston's base pay is above the national average; it's about $54,400 a year compared to about $51,000 a year for the national average."

But Dr. Chamberlain says we could do better with wage growth.

"The year over year pay was only up one half of one percent in Houston and that's about one third of the rate of the U.S.average; the U.S. average pay is up 1.7% over a year ago."

Dr. Chamberlain says more good news is the Houston economy is very diverse and you don't have to work in the energy sector to find good pay, as you may have in decades past. He says you might be surprised by the job with the most wage growth.

"The fastest growing pay in Houston today is actually recruiters; they're seeing pay rise at 7% year over year and that mostly reflects a low unemployment rate and employers are struggling to fill jobs, so recruiters are capitalizing on that and getting pay raises."

Glassdoor says family doctors in Houston have a median salary of $194,453. Pharmacists are making $112,044 in base pay. Lawyers earn about $122,000 in base pay on average.

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