Sanctuary cities hope to make a million new citizens in one year

Sanctuary cities, including Dallas are part of a campaign to make a million new American citizens within a year.

The push is by 'Mia Familia.' The campaign is called 'Naturalize NOW!' Other sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago are part of the drive. Political analyst Jacquie Baly doesn't think it will be successful.

“It’s very bold and very aggressive, but I question if it’s actually doable,” Baly said, adding that it may be a reaction by Mia Familia to laws being passed against Sanctuary Cities.

But if it does happen, would Republicans be in danger of losing election after election? We know the left targets new citizens as voters. Baly isn't sure that would work out in their favor, either.

“That’s what they are hoping for. Why else would elected officials be in favor of criminals not being held accountable for their actions,” Baly stated.

But she does say that Republicans need to make a concerted effort to reach out to Hispanics, because they are poised to become the majority minority very soon.

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