Cruz could take lead in healthcare debate

As Republicans try to come up with a new plan for health care, a Texas Republican, working behind the scenes, may actually be trying to take the lead on the issue.

And that would be Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has floated the idea of a compromise; an amendment allowing insurers to offer some plans that don't comply with Obamacare as long as they maintain at least one plan that does conform. R-N-C Committeeman Robin Armstrong, a Galveston doctor, tells KTRH he isn't surprised.

“I had seen some thoughts early on that he could be the one that bridges the gap between conservatives and moderates in the Senate,” Armstrong said.

And says if Cruz is successful, he would be right back at the top of the Republican Party.

“This is where I expect him to be. It’s exciting as Conservatives, because we have one of our own negotiating and not a moderate. I think it’s fantastic,” Armstrong explained.

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