Companies Offering Paid Time Off to Go Protest Trump

A growing number of U.S. companies are giving their employees paid time off to protest President Donald Trump's policies.

Employment firm Glassdoor found nearly half of U.S. workers believe they should be given paid time off to protest.  Many companies offer a "personal" or even "spirit" day.

“Employees are expecting this and employers have the responsibility to allow their workers to have paid time off regardless of what that time off is used for,” says MaryJo Fitzgerald, Glassdoor community expert.

“Some companies are going to be alongside their employees advocating in different ways, but it really is a case-by-case basis.”

Comcast this year gave its workers paid time off to protest Trump’s travel ban.  Facebook allowed employees to take paid time off to May Day rallies, defending immigrant rights.

“If all these companies are doing is promoting these left-wing social justice warriors to go out and scream in the streets, they're not achieving much to begin with, and they're certainly putting their brand at-risk,” says Paul Simpson, chairman of the Harris County Republican Party.

“It would be great for employers in Harris County to let our thousands of Republican volunteers take some time off and go work the polls and campaign for our candidates and do something constructive, in theory it would be a great idea,” he says.

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